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Essential coverage that provides protections against claims of property damage, bodily injury and advertising injury. 

Also known as (E&O) errors and omissions, covers mistakes or alleged mistakes & failures or alleged failures to perform a service.
Bundles general liability insurance and commercial property into one affordable policy.

Also called workers comp, this provides financial protection if an employee has a job-related accident or illness.

Protects your company’s physical assets from fire, explosions, burst pipes, storms, theft and vandalism. 

provides added liability coverage when claims exceed the limits of certain primary insurance policies, such as general liability or commercial auto.

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Insurance For Your Business


Contractors insurance is coverage that can protect your business from devastating financial debts that can result from work-related accidents.

Vacant Land

insurance that protects you in case anyone gets hurt on your property— meaning it will cover their medical costs as well as your legal fees.

Electrical Contractor

insurance designed to protect electricians and electrical contractors from costly liabilities that result from unexpected accidents

Business Hazard Insurance

Business hazard insurance protects property from natural disasters such as hail, fire, severe storms, and other catastrophes. 

Handyman Insurance

Protect your business from accidents, injuries, legal fees and damaged vehicles.

Food Vendor

Concession and food vendor insurance is insurance specialized to the needs of food vendors and concessionaires alike.

Tree Service Insurance

Get the right type of policy for an arborist or tree care professional.

Plumbers Insurance

The right insurance coverage can help mitigate common risks that plumbers and plumbing contractors face

Independent Pharmacies

This coverage offers protection against the risks of running your pharmacy business.