Auto service and repair businesses have exposures most other business don’t have. Whether you work part-time from your home garage or you operate multiple commercial locations, we can design the right package of coverage for your business.

We insure most types of auto service businesses, including:

  • Air conditioning specialists
  • Auto body and detail shops
  • Glass replacement shops
  • Brake and wheel shops
  • Specialized shops that handle mufflers,  ignitions, electrical, diagnostics, transmissions and more

Coverages you may need include:

  • General liability insurance in case you are sued for causing damage or harm.
  • Commercial property insurance to protect your building, equipment, signage, inventory and others’ property
  • Loss of business income insurance to replace lost income or pay for the cost of a temporary work site during a period of restoration for a covered cause of loss
  • Workers’ compensation insurance to pay for medical treatment and lost time for workers hurt on the job. Workers’ compensation coverage is mandatory in most states. 
  • Equipment breakdown coverage to cover the cost to repair or replace the damaged equipment.
  • Garage liability insurance to cover damages that occur during the operation of an auto in the course of garage operations.
  • Garage keepers coverage to protect you and your valued customers for physical damage to a customer’s auto during the course of garage operations.
  • Employee dishonesty coverage to help recover losses from employee theft.
  • Employment practices liability insurance in case you are sued for discrimination, wrongful termination or other employment-related issues.

We make sure your auto service insurance is tailored to your needs, so you can take control of risks and stay in business for the long term.

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