Owning a hair and beauty salon is an exciting and rewarding experience. It’s also risky. Customers can be harmed, employees can get hurt and property can be damaged or stolen. For these reasons, it’s important to protect your business with tailored business insurance. 

If your business provides health and beauty services, such as hair, nail and skin care, massages, facials and other spa services, you need a business insurance policy designed to protect against the typical risks of the health and beauty industry. 

Coverages you may need include:

  • Property insurance to cover your equipment and supplies from the risks of damage or theft. If you own your building, property insurance also covers your structure.

  • Liability insurance in the event you are accused of causing harm to a customer or third party.

  • Workers’ compensation insurance if you have employees.

  • Business income insurance in case you are unable to operate due to a covered cause of loss.

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