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A message from Steve Boone Owner/Founder of   

Owning a small business isn’t easy … but it is worth it.

As a licensed insurance agent for the last 40 years, I’d like to share three rules when shopping for insurance.

Never buy insurance online without the help of an experienced agent.
 If you don’t use an agent you are not getting all the discounts available by the insurance carriers.  You could be leaving as much as 40% on the table. Agents are able to contact their underwriters and if you qualify request scheduled credits to be added to your quotes.  These discounts are significant and can put thousands of dollars back into your pocket.  In addition, business insurance can be very complex and any mistake you make could result in future claims not being covered, so why risk it?  Let an expert get you the correct coverage and all the discounts you deserve.  The extra few hours you spend working directly with an agent is time well spent….I promise, you’ll get a better deal.

Don’t buy insurance without comparing options from at least two different carriers. 
As a business owner you know that giving your customer a competitive price is crucial. Yet, when it comes to insurance, some business owners skip this step because they don’t have time to do the research. Luckily, if you work with an independent agent like me, it doesn’t take you any time. We do all the work for you and with our automated quoting system we can shop dozens of different carriers at the same time.

Find a business insurance partner – not just a vendor.
 To do a good job, your agent needs to know you and understand your business. Look for an agent who has other clients that are in the same business as you.  Ask for testimonials!!!  Make sure the agent asks questions and makes you feel comfortable.    If your agent has written hundreds of policies for companies like yours, you’ll know that agent has perfected his service and you’ll benefit from all his experience.  Beware, not all insurance agents have enough experience to do a great job for you.

We look forward to helping you! 

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